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Players entering grades 8 to 11 (2006 to 2003 birth years)
August 12 – 16, 2019 @ Algonquin College (1385 Woodroffe Avenue)

$390+ HST
Lunch included

A ‘True Competitor’ is someone that understands the difference between playing hard and playing to win. They are accountable for their actions but quick to turn the spotlight to their teammates. They do not hide from or avoid adversity, but rather relish it. They find solutions, not problems. A True Competitor is authentic and passionate about getting better as a player, and person, every day. They take CHARDG of their game.

Designed for players who are serious about improving their game, this camp will help equip them build their confidence by providing them tools necessary to transform their game heading into the next season.


​Our intensive, weeklong camp will help players to:

  • Learn it what it takes to compete at a high level
  • Think the game and anticipate things before they happen
  • Gain a mental advantage over their competition
  • Become a leader with standout communication skills 
  • ​Understand the nuances of the game and be able to take advantage of different situations
  • Build relationships and learn how to get the most out of themselves and their teammates
  • Become a better decision maker and raise their basketball IQ
  • Grow in self-awareness to maximize their impact on the game
  • Continue falling in love with the game of basketball
​Daily Schedule Overview
8:00 am – Early Drop-off (extra time to work on your game)
9:00 am – Classroom / Film Session (Group 1) / Gym Session #1 (Group 2)
10:15 am – Classroom / Film Session (Group 2) / Gym Session #1 (Group 1)
11:45 am – Lunch
12:30 pm – Gym Session #2 (both groups)
1:45 pm – Snack followed by Gym Session #3 (both groups)
3:15 pm – Camp Ends

Super Skills Summer Camp
Players entering grades 5 to 7 (2009 to 2007 birth years)
July 15 – 19, 2019 @ 
Algonquin College (1385 Woodroffe Avenue)
​Lunch included

Our weeklong Super Skills Summer Camp is designed to help players begin to understand and appreciate the game on a deeper level. Our hope is every player leaves camp with a greater love of the game and an excitement to work towards their potential. 

Coaching will address common misconceptions and errors in the fundamental areas of shooting form, movement skills and offensive concepts that will help players develop and begin to set them apart from others. Every day will have an intentional focus and application on a different characteristic of an ‘ultimate teammate’. Everything taught will be applied in game-like situations where players will have a chance to execute what they’ve learned.


Our intensive weeklong camp will help players to:

  • Gain confidence in their abilities on the court
  • Increase their athleticism and ability to control their body
  • Begin to understand basic spacing and movement principles
  • Develop the tools and knowledge to improve on their own
  • Understand how to develop good practice habits
  • Become ‘energy givers’ on the court
  • Adopt a ‘team first’ mindset in how they play and interact with others
  • Learn to love the game and play the ‘right way’​ 
Daily Schedule Overview
8:00 am – Early Drop-off (extra time to work on your game)
9:00 am – Gym Session #1 (whole group)
10:15 am – Snack Break
10:30 am – Gym Session #2 (Group 1) / Film & Classroom (Group 2)
11:45 am – Lunch
12:30 pm – Gym Session #2 (Group 2) / Film & Classroom (Group 1)
1:45 pm – Snack Break
2:00 pm – Gym Session #3 (whole group)
3:15 pm – Camp Ends
5:00 pm – Late Pickup

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