The U12 Girls Division 1 & Division 2 championships were held in Brockville this weekend and they ran very smoothly thanks to the help of many, many individuals.

A huge thank-you to Randy Douglas for spending his entire weekend convening the Division 2 games at St. Mary’s all weekend. Another huge thank-you to Brian Madden for helping convene the Division 1 games all weekend at BCI when I was on coaching duty!

A giant shout-out to U15 girls (Charley Toivonen, Keira Lusk, Isabelle Carson, Bella Guenette, Emma Smallegange, Emily Carrier) for offering up their weekend to score keep at both schools. It is always great to know the scorers table is in very capable hands.

Canteens were well organized for both gyms by U12 Mom Sally Mellon and Lexie Jardine graciously jumped in to help keep an eye on one of the gyms. Thank-you to both ladies and student volunteers from St Mary’s (organized by Kendall MacLeod and Meredith Clarey) who ran the canteen both Saturday/Sunday. Another thank-you to Eva Berry, Melina Mainville and Addison Kiser for running the canteen at BCI on Saturday and U12 parent volunteers for stepping up today to run things. Thank-you also to all parents, family members, etc. for their donations of baked goods.

Thank-you to Coach Brad and Coach Gab Madden for everything they do for these U12 girls…and for making sure I always keep my pockets full of candy during games! 😉

Lastly, the biggest most heartfelt thank-you to the entire Blazers community who came to cheer on the U12 Brockville Blazers girls throughout the weekend. Our gym was packed for every single game and it gave these girls the confidence they needed to enter Division 1 as an underdog against teams they had never won against – and come out as Bronze medalists with a 37-28 win against OSBA! Placing 3rd in the EOBA league finals for a team that has many first year players is quite an accomplishment.

I am so very proud to be a part of this organization. Current, past and future Blazers families came out in huge crowds these girls have never seen before and it brought their intensity and confidence to an entirely new level. Brockville Blazers are the best basketball family. We are respectful, supportive and encouraging and our players are so fortunate to experience this!


Coach Taryn